8. mrt, 2018

Maria, een vrouw die bleef tot het bittere einde...

Beloved Mother,
Star of the Sea,
you who carry the one who carries the world,
I need you now.

Rise from the turbulent waters of my life
and show me the way home to my true self.

When the night seems to be closing around me,
threatening to smother me,
all I need to do is remember to call to you,
and you will breathe  new breath into me.

I am exhausted, Mary.
I need you to put me out of this vortex of worries and regrets,
to navigate this ocean of anxiety and despair.
Extend your loving hand to me now,
and I will summon the strength to reach toward you in return,
and take refuge in the safety of your embrace.

 Uit: Mother of God similar to Fire     Mirabai Starr